Ibiza Yoga Retreat at Ananda's

Connect with nature, breathe that soul-soothing air and take in stunning sunsets as you relax, revitalise and recharge your mind, body and soul.

On your Ibiza yoga retreat you’ll find a new dedication and excitement about your practice, building strength endurance and flexibility in your body, as you disconnect from technology, and find the time to reflect on life and be in the moment.


And all of these luxurious details pale in comparison to the quality and expertise of our internationally acclaimed yoga teachers. We offer a wide range of teaching styles and each of our teachers provides a unique flair to the art of yoga retreats.


From Jivamukti to Classical Hatha, the practice that best suits your body, mind and heart is offered at Ananda. We have lovingly thought through each detail in order to allow you to unravel completely and relax into an experience of pure bliss. 

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Tibetan singing bowl in sound therapy cl

Ananda's Ibiza yoga retreat season currently runs from May to October. All  of our upcoming Ibiza yoga retreats can be viewed on our retreats calendar. We offer two yoga classes daily, usually one morning workshop lasting 2 hours  and one shorter evening restorative class lasting around 1 hour 30 minutes. 

At Ananda Yoga Retreats, the evening yoga sessions are optional, just in case you would prefer to do your own thing, and take off to explore the island.


Booking an Ibiza yoga retreat can sometimes be a little bit daunting. Finding the correct style, the right teacher at the right level and in the right location, and with so many retreats out there to choose from.


Be rest assured that we are here to help you make the right decision - we want you to be comfortable, calm and happy from the moment you book your place. We have retreats for all ages, abilities and levels, everyone is welcome and our doors are always open. Full descriptions of what to expect from our individual Ibiza yoga retreats can be viewed  on the Ananda retreat calendar

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Oil Massage

Ananda Yoga Retreats also offer a full range of therapy treatments to compliment your Ibiza yoga retreat. Choose from private Yoga sessions, Physiotherapy, Thai and deep tissue massage, Reiki, Reflexology and Ayurvedic treatments and consultations. All these extra treats can be booked in advance (at discount with block bookings) or we can arrange them on the day. 

We also arrange day excursions, hiking, and paddleboard yoga - all these extras will enable that sense of positivity and wellbeing to flourish on your Ibiza yoga retreat.


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