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Connect with nature, breathe that soul-soothing air and take in stunning sunsets as you relax, revitalise and recharge your mind, body and soul. As well as the physical practice of yoga asana, you will be learning more deeply about yogic philosophy. You will explore meditation and mindfulness, making your mind stronger and more resilient to deal with the ups and downs of everyday life.

You’ll find a new dedication and excitement about your practice, building strength endurance and flexibility in your body, as you disconnect from technology, and find the time to reflect on life and be in the moment.

Now in our third year of providing yoga retreats, Ananda now has 2 fantastic locations to cater for all tastes, leaving you relaxed, content and fulfilled in your yoga practice - with some exceptional yoga teachers at the helm, which is a core part of Ananda's philosophy.


We’re delighted to be able to offer you some stunning yoga retreats – it’s the perfect chance to let go, connect to your yoga practice, and to mingle and relax with like-minded people on the beautiful island of Ibiza!


Ananda Yoga Retreat's calendar currently runs from May to October. All  of our upcoming retreats can be viewed on our retreats calendar.

We offer two yoga classes daily, usually one morning workshop lasting 2 hours  and one shorter evening restorative class lasting around 1 hour 30 minutes. The classes are, unless specifically mentioned, generally suitable for everyone, with individual modifications provided whenever required. All of Ananda's teachers are exceptional, with a strong focus on the quality of teaching - and there is always another member of the Ananda team around to assist you on the retreats, which cater for around 10 - 15 students at any one time. 

At Ananda Yoga Retreats, the evening yoga sessions are optional, just in case you would prefer to do your own thing, and take off to explore the island. We want you to feel 100% at ease and at your leisure, being free to dip in and out of any of our extra activities. We also arrange excursions, should you wish to take off and explore the island. These are to be booked in advance, with a transport fee of 20 Euro for a round trip, payable to our mini bus company on arrival. A full list of our excursions are detailed below. To find out with excursions are available at your particular venue please refer to the  specific retreat information on the retreat calendar .

" Total joy, pleasure, bliss, love, light, peace and compassion of this overall experience "

Emma Marshall




Be rest assured that we are here to help you make the right decision - we want you to be comfortable, calm and happy from the moment you book your place. We have retreats for all ages, abilities and levels, everyone is welcome and our doors are always open. Full descriptions of what to expect from our individual retreats can be viewed below on the Ananda retreat calendar. The section below is to help point you in the right direction.

Booking a retreat can sometimes be a little bit daunting. Finding the correct style, the right teacher at the right level and in the right location, and with so many retreats out there to choose from.


Hatha Yoga is ideal for those who are not as physically active, or who just want to practice at a more gentle pace. It uses steady and lengthy postures to reach a deep, calm state of mind. An effective Hatha pose will enable you to reach a state of tranquillity, and it serves as a wonderful stress release.

Vinyasa flow has emphasis on the combination of breath and movement that flow into a pose. Vinyasa is suitable for all, as each pose has variations depending upon what you find comfortable for your body. Whilst feeling challenged you will also increase your strength and flexibility.

Jivamukti is a more physically demanding Yoga practice which combines devotional chanting with upbeat music. It is recommended for those who want to commit themselves to finding spiritual liberation through dynamic movement.


We go the extra mile to make sure we put together the perfect package. We’ll show you our favourite places and secret corners not mentioned in the guidebooks. The island has many hidden gems, and we know them well. Our Yoga retreats go beyond the 'just Yoga'  experience. This is what makes Ananda Yoga Retreats so unique. We inject a sense of fun, adventure, a bit of indulgence and new  experiences, visiting the places we love to visit - and we are sure you will too!


Bambuddha's spiritual ambience offers a perfect way to indulge after hours of Yoga and mediation. The menu has an emphasis on the sharing of food leading to love and unity. We see this as an extension of our own philopshy. The music and artefacts on offer are also a delight. We highly recommend that you join us for a very special and soulful evening.

Las Dalias Night Market

Another treat is a trip to Las Dalias night markets, (possibly the best night market you will ever experience), where you can stroll around the stalls or chill out in the hammocks while enjoying the island's local musicians perform, with a chai tea, freshly prepared juice or even a beer (or two) - it's all about balance right?

Benirras Beach

"Drum down the sun"

Here you will spend the daytime relaxing on one of the nicest beaches on the island. As the sun starts to set you can enjoy the sounds of African drums as drummers flock to  the beach to "drum down the sun" in this iconic hippie ritual, joined by live fire performers, lots of lovely artisan clothes stalls and so much more..... Undoubtedly the only place to be on a Sunday in Ibiza!

Aguas Blancas 

We also offer another more relaxed daytime excursion to another of the island's quieter and less touristy beaches, to soak up some sun and cool off in the Mediterranean Sea.


With the added benefit of our retreat venue's being so close to either Benirras or Santa Eulalia, it also means you can take off to the beach or enjoy the nightlife on - which is only a 10 minute walk from the villa. 



Ananda Yoga Retreats also offer a full range of therapy treatments. Choose from private Yoga sessions, Physiotherapy, Thai and deep tissue massage, Reiki, Reflexology and Ayervedic treatments and consultations. All these extra treats can be booked in advance (at discount with block bookings) or we can arrange them on the day. 

On a more traditional theme, we can also help to arrange day excursions, hiking, cycling and riding - all these extras will enable that sense of positivity and wellbeing to flourish!


Our food will enable you to replenish your soul and reach deeper levels of meditation with its vegetarian and vegan varieties. Enrich your Ibiza experience with locally sourced organic food, with fish dishes available on occasion, that will give you a healthy and delicious basis for practice. You will feel refreshed and renewed after sharing in our dining experience with fellow Yogis. The sense of union in our beautiful setting means that the dining experience is as important to us as the Yoga sessions we offer. All our meals are prepared fresh in house by the Ananda Chef. We cater for all dietary requirements so please don't hesitate to tell us in advance. Above all we want every guest to feel nourished, balanced and healthy from the inside out.


The Jivamukti week with Andrea, what can I say…first of all the retreat has brought me much more than I expected. And second, Jivamukti yoga has been such a different experience than the Hatha and Ashtanga yoga I was used to. For me it embodied all of what I am looking for in yoga: a physical challenge  (I got one!), a contribution to your personal development (e.g. learning about your boundaries) and meditative and spiritual elements. And Andrea? Well she is just an amazing teacher. I have learned so much from her, at various points.