Ananda Yoga Retreats UK

Coniston, The Lake District

We are incredibly proud and deeply humbled to introduce Ananda UK Retreats. Inspired by the healing modalities of traditional chinese medicine (TCM) and yogic science, we provide a unique and comprehensive path to healing. Our retreats utilize ancient wisdom and contemporary insights to balance the energies of Qi and remove any obstructions to energy. We choreograph each retreat to the current season and themed to support the 5 natural elements. Through yoga. breathwork and deeply healing food we create a rick, crystal clear flow of energy in the body. 

Teachers of Ananda Yoga Retreats, Madeline Diaz Meiners, Adrienne Le Coure and Andrea Everingham will collaborate with the Ananda chef and founder of The Mindful Kitchen, Bex Shinder to combine their different areas of expertise based around the Five Elements and Traditional Chinese Medicine implemented into the practice of yoga and vegan cuisine.


Our weekend retreat programme has been designed to ensure a next level experience that will not only leave you feeling healed and nourished, physically, mentally and emotionally, but will open your eyes to the endless possibilities of improving overall health and wellbeing following the principles of TCM. 

Our yoga practice is artfully designed to create fluidity in the body and breath. Through movement and invigorating breathing practices, we will release stagnant energies in the body, remove obstructions to energy flow and allow for equilibrium and harmony. Each practice blends the ancient wisdoms of TCM and Yogic science, while moving with the natural rhythms of the planet. Embedded in each of our sessions are mindfulness techniques, stress reduction tools and profound relaxation tactics. All of our practices are suitable for every level and uniquely tailored to the students present. 


Each nourishing meal will be thoughtfully prepared to balance the theme of your retreat, aiding and aligning perfectly with the internal healing processes.


“Collected together, the ethers of the universe constitute unity; divided, they constitute Yin and Yang; quartered, they constitute the four seasons; ( still further ) sundered, they constitute the five elements. These elements represent movement.”


 – Tung Ching-Shu

Meet The Team

Meet Ananda - Madeline Diaz Meiners

The ethos of Ananda Yoga Retreats is to provide a safe place for students around the world to take time out in a relaxed environment without a need to please anyone else other than themselves. An escape that is purely based around the individuals needs with no strict rules or expectations in place. Total freedom, whilst being nurtured by soul cleansing food and most importantly exceptional yoga in a purely breathtaking location. 

I have been teaching yoga since 2013, my styles range from Yoga Therapeutics, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga based around the meridians and TCM.

Madeline Diaz Meiners ~ Ananda

Founder of Ananda Yoga Retreats Ibiza

Yoga Teacher ~ Teacher Trainer

Adrienne Le Coure

" I am truly honored to be able to share the gifts I have received on the mat with students around the world. My teaching experience has ranged from luxury retreats to refugee camps. I am deeply passionate about utilizing yoga as an instrument to empower marginalized communities and provide healing for physical and emotional wounds. My classes have a strong emphasis on self empowerment, connecting movement with breath and the practice of ever-refining our postures. I believe that our physical practice of yoga is the corridor to the place within each of us that has never been wounded. It is the crucible that dissolves separation and opens us to the divinity in all things. I integrate pranayama and meditation into each practice. "

Adrienne Le Coure

Yoga Teacher ~ Teacher Trainer

Assistant Manager


Andrea Everingham

Andrea has fast become known as one of the UK,s most versatile, energetic, and inspirational teacher an open minded, dynamic, fearless and raw individual who is devoted to the continuous growth of her students.  Her style of balancing high energy hands-on fun classes with deep relaxation infused with yogic teachings leaves you feeling uplifted, renewed, enlightened and connected.

​Certified 500hr Senior Yoga Teacher with International Yoga Alliance creditation. Trained In California with Integrative Yoga Therapy completed 500hrs. Trained in New York with Jivamukti Founders Sharon Gannon & David Life, completed 300hrs

Andrea Everigham

Senior Yoga Teacher

Teacher Trainer

Bex Shindler

" I believe the food choices we make can be empowering, both for our own health and for the health of our planet. What we eat can have such an impact on our bodies and minds, and in my experience, when we choose to fuel ourselves with nutritious, colourful, compassionate foods, we invite more vibrancy and compassion into our lives. There begins the ripple effect of change and transformation. "

Bex Shindler

Private Plant Based Chef

The Mindful Kitchen